Central Wisconsin Counties

The area surrounding Buffalo County and Central Wisconsin is unique because it’s the shifting point between the more agricultural lands of southern Wisconsin and the thick forests of the northern area of the state.

  • Adams County
  • Buffalo County
  • Juneau County
  • Columbia County
  • Sauk County
  • Marquette County
  • Green Lake County

Many refer to the central area of the state as the “Sand Counties” due to the sandy soil ┬áprevalent throughout the area. Famous naturalist and conservationist Aldo Leopold wrote “The Sand County Almanac” back in the 1940’s, which is now considered one of the most highly regarded books on modern conservation. In the book he chronicles his life living near the Wisconsin River just north of Portage.
Buffalo County Hunting LandThe Wisconsin River is also responsible for creating one of the areas most popular attractions, the Wisconsin Dells. Carving it’s way through the sandstone cliffs, the river created a beautiful scenic waterway which attracts tourists from across the globe.

The Dells also features a wide variety of water parks and other family orientated attractions which are enjoyed year-round. Tommy Bartlett’s ski-show, the Ducks, and other attractions have been around since the 1950’s.

Devils Lake is another natural wonder unique to the area. Hiking trails wind up and down the majestic bluffs surrounding the deep, crystal clear waters of the lake. Campers and hikers from across the U.S. enjoy the spectacular views and activities summer, winter, spring and fall at this beautiful state park.

The unique attractions, beautiful landscape, and abundance of rivers, streams and lakes makes the central region of the Badger state one of the most popular places for vacationers to look for real estate.

Lake homes and cabins, secluded cabins on acres of hunting land and recreational property is all popular with buyers looking for a place to relax and vacation.