Knife skills class at Sur La Table and the best Run and Food of September!

¡Hola! ¿Cómo te va? how was your month … last month aka September aka a few days ago? Did you make October goals?

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(Read as: I’m going to make them best now in an effort to get it together.)

But before we get into the best run, eat and repeat from September & new month goals… Let’s talk about chopping!

I took the knife skills 101 class at Sur La Table a few nights ago!! I don’t remember how I originally heard about it but I knew I desperately needed this class! and I finally have a pal and convinced them to take the class with me!! Auge.

So if you’re keeping track here is the current score on life stuff:

1. make pal – done

2. learn something – done and done

3. maintain friendship – tbd

4. put new skill to use – tbd

Most Sur La Table stores have cooking and kitchen skills classes. There are 2 locations near me in south Orange county and I took the class at the South coast Plaza location.

South coast Plaza is a very fancy mall in Orange county with very high end stores that I don’t actually go into because of worry I’ll unintentionally wipe my germs on a pair of socks that costs $5000 and then be asked to pay for it or be arrested for being poor or something.

De todos modos.

I managed to try and act amazing long enough to delight in a glass of red wine at one of the restaurants with before class. and they gave us fancy bread which is essential and notable.

It’s a good idea to drink before learning how to use very sharp knives, right?

Sur La Table knife skills 101

This 2 hour class is $65 per person. It’s a fairly small group – there were 8 people in the class and 1 instructor. and it’s hands-on so we chopped different vegetables using different techniques as we went along. Then, we put it together at the end with a green Goddess Dip (the instructor made in front of us) and a Roasted Red Pepper Soup.

Everything I know about cooking and food prep I’ve learned from the Food Network. also – everything I know about eating I learned from man Fieri.

So I really needed this class!

Highlights of the knife skills 101 Class:

Learning how to sharpen your knife

The onion chopping hack that keeps it together

Rubbing your hands on stainless steel gets the garlic smell out

Me laughing at myself and practically drooling on the veggies I was chopping which we were using for the dip platter

That you’re expected to always hold a knife down and at your side when walking through the kitchen

Oh, and say ‘knife!’ when you’re walking behind or past someone so they don’t bump into you

Don’t say “KNIFE!!!” when you’re home alone while making a stabbing motion as this encourages an eventual spiral into insanity

Don’t arrive dressed like a ninja thinking the class is about fast sword skills

I liked the class and would certainly want to take another class. I want to go to cooking school now!

Or maybe purchase Julia Child’s Master the Art of French cooking cookbook and do all the recipes and blog about them.

Awww. someone already did that?! no importa.

The dip and soup were amazing. The soup was my favorite!! and the recipe is in the handout packet we got!

¡Me encantó!

It was fun and I learned something and Gordon Ramsey didn’t say I was a crap sandwich or something.

(I don’t know if that actually happened on TV… him calling something that, but I feel like it did?)

Okay wait… I looked it up!

De todos modos.

I certainly want to take another cooking class or go to culinary school or maybe enter an eating contest… 

Now let’s talk about the best running and eating from last month! If you want to take a cooking class or get much more info check out your local Sur La Table.

This isn’t an ad or sponsored – I just know I’m going to get questions and want to share in case you also want to be fancy and cook-y or choppy. and I looked for a Groupon and discount coupon code for it and couldn’t find one – but I just saw there’s one for October! select classes are only $46 with code: CLASSES46 – See details

So I’m randomly charging my Garmin running view best now and because it’s here I looked up my mileage for the month. I rarely do this so I’m thrilled about the timing!

September Running Stats:

Total miles run: 229

Days run: 24

Hours run: 34

Calories I burned: 24,147

Calories I ate: 2,988,248

I’m many thrilled to see I ran 24 days out of 30. I was concerned that I wasn’t taking enough rest days but I took 6 for the month. Auge.

Favorite RUN:

This was a hard call because – I didn’t realize I ran 18 miles on Sept 1st…!

I was talking to Janae ( hungry Runner girl ) the other day and talking about marathon training and how not ready I am for my next marathon. I said I hadn’t run much more than 16 miles because last year. Well, I didn’t realize I ran 18! ¡Decir ah! What is my deal? Is it my memory? Am I just a space cadet?? What is a space cadet???

(from my instagram not a blog post)

But the winner is the Lexus lace Up half Marathon in Irvine – it was fun and my mother went with me and ran the 5K!

And I thought I had a hole in my shoe but I didn’t. ¡Aleatorio! but hear that story on Podcast episode 94 – how Runners Can avoid and defend Themselves…

Check out the lace Up Irvine half Marathon recap here.

Check out all the new discount codes here.

Favorite EAT:

Yogurtland and Chipotle date!! Este es mi favorito.

[  I post eats on Instagram – so make sure you follow for running, eating and life updates.  ]

Favorite post I’d like to REPEAT:

My love letter to my cat Vegas…

This makes me sad. but it also makes me… well, still sad…

but eventually grateful that I had him and that I have you to share that with. I really appreciate you following along and I feel like we’re pals and it feels good to have this place to share my life with someone. Gracias.

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What was your favorite RUN or eat from last month?

Are you running any races before the end of the year?

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